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Really App Store? Really?!

I’ve not had a chance to use the latest (within the past 5 years or so) built in Xcode unit testing frameworks, because my needs are pretty specialized. I tend to build my own.

But I’ve been using the stuff in Xcode 10, and it’s pretty dang great. ^⌥⌘G & ^⌥⌘U? Wonderful.

Sometimes when my mind is bored and drifting I'll find myself typing versiontracker.com into Safari, even though it's long gone for many years now.

On Apple's MacOS Mojave page (apple.com/macos/mojave/), there's no mention of 10.14 anywhere on the page. I find that interesting, and I can't remember if this was the same for previous OS releases.

Using CFTypeRef with libffi is a great way to workaround ARC getting in the way of things.

ShapeOf: I’ve been working on new JavaScript to C/Cocoa bridge lately, for fun and education. And I made an interesting discovery today- NSNumber stores shorts and unsigned chars the same. Is this a bug in NSNumber?

I'm going to guess this JSValueRef pointing to 0x0000000000000002 isn't what I think it is.

My guitar amp (original Fender Blues Deluxe) is broke. I'm bummed. I'm sure it can be repaired but I've been playing it for almost 25 years and I miss its sound already.

I guess I get to mess around with digital audio again (via my old Line6 UX2). And since it's so easy to make recordings with it, here's a little bluesy afternoon noodling: flyingmeat.s3.amazonaws.com/au

I'm guessing this is the year I give up my iPhone SE. Bummer.

@monkeydom I figured I should go with the future stuff since… well, the old stuff will go away some day.

Debugging a build system is always fun. Xcode 10 isn't being kind to Acorn and I'm not sure why.

Wait- maybe there is half float support and I just missed it and it's even on 10.13?

Whoa, CGBitmapContext got kCGImagePixelFormatRGB101010 support in Mojave? Still no half floats though :(

@bigzaphod I've done this (specifically with Paper.js). What did you do it for?

Holy crap folks, Node.js uses handles for memory management! Old school Mac programmers would feel right at home. Except for the JS part of course.

Has anyone ever written a C plugin for Node.js? I'm wondering how hard it would be to create random objects on the C side and then launch them over to the JS side, like a CocoaBridge would.

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