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I’m walking 35km (21.7mi)‬ this Sunday, to raise awareness and help fund research for mitochondrial disease. blw-melbourne-2018.everydayher

Well crap. JSCore uses extended type info on protocols generated at compile time to do its magical bridging. This means I can't add protocols extending JSExport at runtime. I knew it was too easy to be true. (via )

My Game Boy Advance SP is missing hopefully this will work a second time.

Maybe I'll do it in Swift! How well does swift work with FFI? Pretty good, right?

I'm getting the urge to rewrite the CocoaScript bridge. Someone please stop me.

One of the drawbacks of being a solo indie dev is that I have nobody to geek out with when I write some super awesome code. I figured out those bugs I mentioned yesterday in my debugging post, but then I went on to do some pretty clever performance optimizations. I guess next time I see @Gte or the Core Image folks at Apple, we'll have a fun chat.

Currently working on a new brushing engine for Acorn. This is what debugging it looks like.


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