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Holy crap folks, Node.js uses handles for memory management! Old school Mac programmers would feel right at home. Except for the JS part of course.

Has anyone ever written a C plugin for Node.js? I'm wondering how hard it would be to create random objects on the C side and then launch them over to the JS side, like a CocoaBridge would.

The brandywine tomato was a hit btw. Little bit of oregano and friends, and a smaller about of sea salt.

Madeline is going to have her first brandywine tomato tonight.

Pssst: Retrobatch 1.1 is almost done and you can try the final candidate right now. There's some good things in there, especially if you like scripting and automation.

Taking a break from coffee and then starting work on bezier algorithms seems like a bad combo.

My custom Xcode source code extension just stopped working. I feel… paralyzed without it. Re-signing does no good, as it has in the past. SEND HELP

Making a build of Acorn 5 for 10.14 compatibility. It's been over a year since Acorn 6 was out. Wondering how much work to put into it…

Fell asleep on the beach the other day but that's fine because I had sunscreen on.

Except for my eyelids of course. And now my eyelids are burnt. Because who thinks to do that?

It's a continual hurt, but it's kind of funny too.

Continuing work on a new brushing engine for Acorn today. But tomorrow begins another short vacation, so I'll probably be working on my funtime JS<->Cocoa bridge on that trip.

I’m walking 35km (21.7mi)‬ this Sunday, to raise awareness and help fund research for mitochondrial disease. blw-melbourne-2018.everydayher

Well crap. JSCore uses extended type info on protocols generated at compile time to do its magical bridging. This means I can't add protocols extending JSExport at runtime. I knew it was too easy to be true. (via )

My Game Boy Advance SP is missing hopefully this will work a second time.

Maybe I'll do it in Swift! How well does swift work with FFI? Pretty good, right?

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