A prolific credit-card theft ring is scanning for unsecured "buckets" in Amazon's cloud and has compromised 17,000 domains (so far) boingboing.net/2019/07/11/mah-

mastodon's distributed group of admins took more immediate and decisive action against the far right than twitter has in 13 years

Yeah I'm not sure about that takeaway, Vice. The biggest node on the Mastodon network is actually my ass

If you live in SF and have a dog, I’ve found this Funston web cam to help decide if I wanna go



Max loves to cuddle, and I’m certainly not going to complain

Got to see this incredible performer last night. Happy San Francisco !

‪Today, while browsing the news sites, I read “meth addiction” as “math addiction”. I think I have a problem. ‬


Today I brushed Max to help remove his winter coat. Long story short I now have a second dog.


Max has discovered that a staring contest almost always ends in pets

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