Let me try this again. Where can I read comics on this app

@JPEG I find the search feature to be a little hard to navigate. Having the tabs appear after searching makes it harder for me to orient myself.

Birdsite cannot into fediverse? 

"Wait, you became a demon?"
I took another swig of beer. "Doesn't even cost your soul."
"Why? Do you have powers?"
"Nope. But I can be summoned. I'm saving a fortune in commuting costs."
"Cool, so-"
My friend and the bar faded. I was in the office.
"Sorry," my boss said, "but..."

Images not loading on mastodon.social issue has been partially fixed. My flexify.io credit has run out while I was outside so they shut off the virtual bucket I had in place while fixing file permissions on Exoscale. I've now redirected the traffic directly to Exoscale. Caveat: Not all file permissions have been fixed yet so some images will still not load. But newly uploaded ones from the last few days will be fine.

I am always amazed at how much better I feel just by shutting my eyes for 20 minutes in moving vehicle

Trans Panic is still a defense strategy in much of the US. Call your representatives and tell them you support the national Gay and Trans Panic Defense Prohibition Act

Probably a good time to mention that if you enjoy using mastodon.social you can support it through Patreon:


Or through OpenCollective:


And of course if you're on a different server you can check if your admin also has a Patreon and support them

Google, reference to sexual assault 

Sony: we will be there before 11 to fix your TV
Sony at 11:45: so... we actually shipped your part across the country, we will try again next week.

Played a VR resident evil style game today at Sandbox VR in downtown SF

Today I discovered dogs can wag their tails while sleeping... my poor glass of tea.

From @RozRaidReborn@twitter.com: actual statistics about transition regret, to counter the nonsense in the press.


The Christian persecution complex (and Trump's divisive pseudo-populism) has started another war: The War on Thanksgiving. Good thing it's imaginary.


Happy Thanksgiving week! I hope y'all are having a great time 😀

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