ORM: Take SQL, a language made up mostly of quirks, and randomly scramble the quirks into subtly different quirks. Mix them all up. They start to breed. You live in a world of quirks. You eat and breathe quirks. You look in a mirror and quirks look back at you.

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KDE: "On the reappointment of Richard Stallman as a director of the Free Software Foundation"

This sets the right tone. Proud of KDE.


Is MX Master 3 (Logitech mouse) a worthwhile upgrade over MX Master 2? Yes. I think it is. I was doubtful, but upon discovering that my scroll wheel no longer sounds like BLRBLRBLRLBRLBRBLRLB I was convinced.

Kinda wish the vaccines did have mind-control robots in them. It'd be a way more exciting dystopia than our real one.

My monitor just got stuck in 30hz mode for an hour and I felt like I was programming at the bottom of a swamp.

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Ever pull your iPhone out of your pocket and the calculator is up with some numbers punched in, or your alarms, or maybe the flashlight or camera is on?

Protip: This setting will mostly prevent that. (Though it may be more useful once we don't have to wear masks anymore.)

Researching migraine remedies:

1) Keep a diary!
2) Learn to enjoy pain.
3) Did you try not getting migraines?

I would sooner travel Oregon Trail-style across the continent for a year and drop a box of gold doubloons on someone's doorstep than pay for something with FacebookBucks.

Are there any books as good as Practical Vim is for ?

What do you do when you want to use Mastodon and there are so many people who only use Twitter? Mirror posts to both, I guess? We are slaves to the social media choices of others.

Going to talk to my doctor about ADHD this week. Only about... 30 years late? Don't try to beat me at procrastination, you have no chance.

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"Give a man a program, frustrate him for a day.

Teach a man to program, frustrate him for a lifetime.”

-- Muhammad Waseem

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Can anyone here send me a lobste.rs invite? mailto: brian@carper.ca

I've been waiting months for this pendant to arrive. Anyone recognize it?

I broke 100k ad blocks on one page! Next stop, one million.

xkcd.com/2135/ I tried to comprehend the size of this and my brain liquified.

I was reminded recently that practice requires purposeful concentration and effort. Undirected, random, distracted practice doesn't work. I feel like I've started making much better progress with guitar once I adjusted my mindstate and started focusing better.

Happy International Women's Day, ladies. Fight on ♀

Is there any joy greater than getting a new mechanical keyboard in the mail?

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