What do you do when you want to use Mastodon and there are so many people who only use Twitter? Mirror posts to both, I guess? We are slaves to the social media choices of others.

I've desperately been trying to use "alternative" social media sites but it's so difficult when the userbase is so much smaller, since most people aren't willing to switch

@cdaddr honest answer: I'm not really attached to interactions on any services, so for the few Twitter accounts that I want to keep up with, I add them to an RSS reader (selfoss). It's maybe not a great solution for everyone, admittedly.

I probably don't keep up with people in general as well as I should because I don't like to use FB/Twitter/Discord/etc, but at the same time, I don't personally feel like I'm missing out on much...

@shoeberto Hmm I never thought of RSSing twitter feeds. I largely consume on Twitter rather than produce, but there are a lot of artists I follow.

@cdaddr yeah I mostly like a few popular political accounts, and I find I like the RSS reader approach better - there's so much less cruft so it feels more focused. I also don't feel like my every interaction with the page is feeding into a marketing algorithm, so there's that too.

who is on twitter that you want to come here. we can gang up on them

@rubah All the artists I follow, game devs, local friends. They outnumber the people I know on Mastodon by orders of magnitude.

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