I’ve turned off cross-posting to Twitter from my blog. I found it caused me to hit ‘publish’ less often.

@cdevroe that’s interesting. Would you mind sharing more of your thoughts on this?

@mike @pimoore @maique - I think it is mostly that I don't want some of my random thoughts to be tweets. But I don't mind them on my blog. However, I also view each platform as a bar (twitter) or restaurant (m.b) or library (?) and so each should have different content on them. Maybe I'm weird.

I don't mind POSSE'ing to Mastodon or Tumblr though.

I'm weird!

@cdevroe @mike @pimoore Hahahaha. It actually makes sense: different places, different moods 😊

@cdevroe I’ve done it when I first moved to, and that lasted a couple of days. Then I turned it back on, stopped worrying, and actually started getting some feedback from people who wouldn’t take the time to reply before. May I ask why you did it?

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