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I still need to find time to improve my site’s webmentions. They are terrible.

Finally got around to watching Bezo’s Blue Origin presentation. Exciting stuff. An observation: I trust Bezos to pragmatically conquer space while Musk forces his way there. Two different approaches. Both needed.

DJI just sent out an email with the tagline: Unleash Your Other Side. It includes a reflective photo of a woman underwater. My guess is May 15 will bring a new underwater product but I don't understand the tagline.

I see cries that the upcoming Android Q copies iOS's gestures from the iPhone X. It definitely does. However, this copy began in Android P. In fact, short of the back button the gestures are entirely the same.

Want to help grow? For our spring giveaway, invite someone before May 15th and they get 3 free months of blog hosting. Click Plans → Give Even better, pay for their 1st year at a discount. Thanks! 🌱

I’ll be contacting press over the next few days about Snapthread 2.0, but I thought I’d throw this out: if you’re press, and you want details on the update or a beta invite, feel free to DM me or let me know here! Otherwise you’ll probably hear from me soon anyway. 😆

Today is the day. The Kickstarter for Bokeh is officially live. Watch the video, back the project, and help me share it with as many prople as possible.

I'm giving Microsoft's new Chromium-based Edge Insider browser a week of being my default. Immediately miss Firefox's Containers feature. It may be a feature I simply can't live without.

Wowee! I'm excited for the premiere of my podcast's newest segment: Stuff Mastodon Says!

Special thanks to @nico @alana @nextcloud @cdevroe for their toots!

Check it out: (skip ahead to 12:20 if you wish)

Sorry these don't have links. Anyone know how to go from to and retain the links?

Speaking of amazing space images, this amateur image of the Large Magellanic Cloud is so cool. Go here and use scroll-wheel to zoooooom in. Or download it. /via samgrover on

I still feel that Windows Phone should have continued development.

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