funniest person who died this week

fucked up that i made this post before trump's twitter account got banned, so i cant include it in the options

unsurprisingly ball taser dude won this in a landslide. in the intervening time his case has been made funnier by snopes insisting it can't possibly be true based solely on the guy's wife saying he didn't have a taser

@patience in any other week any of these three wouldve easily taken it

@cecilia the tread on me girl may not be the funniest but it is the most poetic

@RedC it sure is quite something but the cop had a picture of a trump airlines plane as his twitter header so that one also has an element of the poetic to it

@cecilia so he either stole a tazer and immediately died misusing it, or he snuck a tazer away from the wife. hilarious.

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