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I started Mastodon because I believe in decentralization. The more servers there are, and the more people are spread throughout them, the stronger the network is.

I encourage people to join other servers, or start their own.

However! mastodon.social is the gateway for those who are undecided, or who don't yet know about decentralization. It is also my baby just like the software itself. I do not appreciate hostility towards it when promoting the benefits of other servers. Thanks

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I am quite proud of this challenge:


You should try to solve it. This is part of the European Challenge of

Some peopple already managed to solve it (vestatech.cybersecuritychallen).

Hello! Je pense que c'est bon pour 12:20? Je vais bientôt partir du bureau alors 😉

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RFC 8404: Effects of Pervasive Encryption on Operators

La vie privée sur l'Internet fait aujourd'hui l'objet d'attaques et l'une des techniques de défense les plus efficaces est le #chiffrement des données. Ce chiffrement gène ceux qui voudraient espionner le trafic, et il fallait donc s'attendre à voir une réaction. Ce #RFC est l'expression de cette réaction, du côté de certains opérateurs réseaux, qui regrettent que le chiffrement empêche leurs mauvaises pratiques.

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#PassAndroid, a libre alternative to Apple's Wallet, for Android. Has the killer feature of increasing brightness when showing a ticket.

Available on #fdroid f-droid.org/en/packages/org.li

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And now I know why I will probably never trust pixelfed to serve my pics, federated or not.


That being (harshly) said, the last move from micro.blog folks makes me confident that turning your own space into a federated in/outbox is feasible.


Still digging. ⛏👷‍♂️

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Using #Syncthing to sync my #Taskwarrior data (instead of Taskserver) is working really well so far.

Yoga Book. Bought 10 months ago for more than 500 euros.
Storio. Bought 24 months ago for less than 100 euros.

Guess which one still receives updates.

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Combien de fois nous dit-on de tourner à droite, alors que la route va à gauche ?
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