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Our collaboration on secure authentication and encryption with @nitrokey@twitter.com was covered by @cloudinsiderde@twitter.com (German)!

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À midi, un collègue s'est moqué de moi car je n'ai pas encore installé /e/ sur mon #Fairphone. #laHonte

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Limited supply of Librem 15 laptops (v3-NoTPM) on clearance: $150 off.

- 15.6″ matte 1920×1080
- Intel Core i7 6500U
- Up to 16GB RAM
- Intel HD 520 GPU
- 2.5″ SATA + NVMe-capable M.2 slots
- Keyboard: English (US), English (UK)
- OS: PureOS (GNU/Linux)


2.4.107 released with a new similar objects review system, new native YARA export, many improvements, bug fixes and security fixes.


I have a brand new system (new SSD) to configure. So I need to install some tools to feel like home.
Of course I started with and I found myself impressed by how I install a Python environment in 2019...

... So I wanted to share this workflow with you:


It's all about , , and .

Like if my 8 years old computer is brand new.
Computer now boots in 8-10 seconds. Before it was more like 4 minutes.

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My very first calculator that I got around 9. Still keep it on my desk as a decoration (and, I admit it, for quick calculations 😅🤫).

#notes #study #maths #studyfed
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@socialskeleton @anna As a debian user I feel it's important I keep things authentic and so make sure things are already severely outdated by the time I get them

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A new version of (2.4.106) has been released with a host of improvements, including new features such as a feed cache search, CLI tools to manage your MISP instance, improved diagnostics & many other improvements. Don't forget to update!


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