"Free Software should empower everyone. As such, correcting the biases, conscious or not, that have led to the poor #diversity of our communities, must be part of our mission."
Oh yes! 💯👍🏻👏🏻

@Shamar I dunno. The whole thing about users controlling their software, is users in control. Users are empowered.

"judge people by their skills, not race/gender" is part of the hacker spirit for decades.

So yes, IMO it all fits together.


@Shamar @ebel I fully agree with you.
Just concerning @esr , I do not think he is that interested in judging people (as humans) in open source communities.
I may be wrong...

@Shamar @ebel @esr

I agree.
In the context (wider) of this blog post, the judgement was already done by some people from the association. They "judged actions", it seems. Though luck for that.
I won't talk for him, but I do not think he is interested in judging someone or why he should. Maybe skills? Personally I do not want to fall in the trap of elitist communities. A contributor is a contributor.

Complex topic. I tend to agree with hintjens.com/blog:120

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