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Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a photograph, no escape from reality


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Usability and Productivity 79: Among other changes, screen flickering at boot-up for high DPI scaling has gone, Gwenview problems when loading and displaying remote files are solved, and "Picture of the day" wallpaper plugin now does Unsplash.


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im losing my FUCKINNG mind theres no way this is real

I posted my last (500px.com/cedricbonhomme) on more than year ago. Just before they changed their licensing policy.

And I will use this service again only if the of the I uploaded will be displayed. As it used to. This is the minimum they should do.

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Someone posted Pixelfed to HN again, the comments aren't so bad this time 😅

will have a second "Call for (CfF 0x0) - Over Fail the untold truth behind the magic of "


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Le meilleur T-shirt à #PSES2019 : "Everything is going to be 200 OK".

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