I wrote a thing about breaking past the SME Loop — the ceiling that prevents most small to medium sized businesses from growing into multinationals. commoncog.com/blog/chinese-bus

I muted 'Kavanaugh' on Twitter and the world became a better place.

- A non American.

Vietnamese taro soup recipe 

on Mastodon.

Skin the taro, and then scrape taro into bowl like so. Your hands may itch, wash with soap after.

Marinate mince pork with salt, pepper, pinch if msg.

In a pot, put mince pork and fry with teaspoon of oil. Then pour water and bring to a boil.

Pour taro into boiling water. Once you do so, it’s imperative to keep stirring. The liquid will become gooey.

Add pepper and salt to taste. When done, chop rau ngo and top. Stir it in.

I don’t get this. Why do people even think sharing outrage is a good idea? You’re making the world a shittier place, you’re extending the time you spend angry (instead of actually doing something about it), AND you make the bird place more engagement dollars. mastodon.social/media/M90a4amY

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I spent this morning helping in the bakery and it was *fun*. I probably shaped almost as many loaves today as I’ve done in the rest of my years as a home baker, and I even got a small tray burn as proof of my work. toot.cafe/media/7tHl3zVVbK412j toot.cafe/media/w6qWtJXryByz09 toot.cafe/media/SsXOx-UAu4TPqW toot.cafe/media/9SthHI1xdeKovG

I want an Apple Watch ... for my grandparents. Holy crap. That fall detection.

I ran a whole bunch of ansible playbooks today. God, I need a drink.

I’m not sure I understand this columbian dessert. It’s a yellow kiwi on top of a dollop of caramel on top of a cube of cheese. mastodon.social/media/TQpSLOBl

A friend in ML wrote this: Can Chinese Rooms Think? I’ve seen him ask it in person, the 3 questions really do a good job of teasing out biases in the answerer. buff.ly/2NANZP8

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