I wrote a thing about breaking past the SME Loop — the ceiling that prevents most small to medium sized businesses from growing into multinationals. commoncog.com/blog/chinese-bus

I muted 'Kavanaugh' on Twitter and the world became a better place.

- A non American.

Vietnamese taro soup recipe 

I don’t get this. Why do people even think sharing outrage is a good idea? You’re making the world a shittier place, you’re extending the time you spend angry (instead of actually doing something about it), AND you make the bird place more engagement dollars. mastodon.social/media/M90a4amY

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I spent this morning helping in the bakery and it was *fun*. I probably shaped almost as many loaves today as I’ve done in the rest of my years as a home baker, and I even got a small tray burn as proof of my work. toot.cafe/media/7tHl3zVVbK412j toot.cafe/media/w6qWtJXryByz09 toot.cafe/media/SsXOx-UAu4TPqW toot.cafe/media/9SthHI1xdeKovG

I want an Apple Watch ... for my grandparents. Holy crap. That fall detection.

I ran a whole bunch of ansible playbooks today. God, I need a drink.

I’m not sure I understand this columbian dessert. It’s a yellow kiwi on top of a dollop of caramel on top of a cube of cheese. mastodon.social/media/TQpSLOBl

A friend in ML wrote this: Can Chinese Rooms Think? I’ve seen him ask it in person, the 3 questions really do a good job of teasing out biases in the answerer. buff.ly/2NANZP8

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