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Took a Grab to the airport today in an electric vehicle. Not a Tesla - brand was BYD, a Chinese company. Engine was completely silent. Acceleration felt great. Driver tells me has only 10 charging points island-wide; and charging time is 0-100% in 2 hours. These are privately run things — his company pays the landlord for access.

@kai I find it really difficult to find an instance that speaks to me. Most of the instance discovery tools aren’t great.

@p the biggest criticism against this (and the crowd) was Aaron Swartz’s comment that the most important cognitive biases might not be the ones that Kahneman talks about.

Kahneman can only talk about biases that are easily measured in a lab. But more important to instrumental rationality would be biases of the sort “what is the most important thing I can be working on for my goals, and if I am not working on those things, why?”

How do you keep your Mastodon timelines fresh and clean? 

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this is a beautiful story of design ethnography, of someone noticing a real life pain point and then *doing the work to get it right* instead of (ignorantly & selfishly) leaping to a solution

McCain and David Foster Wallace 

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@p You make a really good point. I think if EY did the whole thing for his AI alignment agenda, then it explains so many features of the lesswrong canon, including the focus on ethics.

Its sad to see that proper instrumental rationality handbooks come out of the finance industry instead. (I’m mostly thinking Ray Dalio’s Principles, which imo is the best of the lot).

@kai what’s the last book you really enjoyed? (Mine’s The 3 Body Problem trilogy).

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