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Took a Grab to the airport today in an electric vehicle. Not a Tesla - brand was BYD, a Chinese company. Engine was completely silent. Acceleration felt great. Driver tells me has only 10 charging points island-wide; and charging time is 0-100% in 2 hours. These are privately run things — his company pays the landlord for access.

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this is a beautiful story of design ethnography, of someone noticing a real life pain point and then *doing the work to get it right* instead of (ignorantly & selfishly) leaping to a solution

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(The point isn’t that it’s a good idea, just that it works for him. So why not.)

The two aren’t compatible sometimes. For instance, instrumental rationality might mean believing in things that are useful to you, over things that are actually true.

I have a friend who ‘believes’ intelligence doesn’t exist, despite decades of research, because it’s not something you can control. This isn’t true. But it sure as hell is useful in his day to day life. He has no excuse for feeling inferior to other smarter people, and merely thinks ‘oh, I need to work hard’.

Worse, despite admitting instrumental rationality is more important, pretty much all the discussions on lesswrong are about epistemic rationality.

I think the community got it wrong. “Rationality is about winning” — but there are two kinds of rationality: epistemic and instrumental.

Epistemic rationality is about knowing how accurately your beliefs map to reality.

Instrumental rationality is about achieving your goals.

Traditional Chinese businessmen have way more instrumental rationality than the average lesswronger.

Oh, make that 22 more books to go. So, basically, 1.5 books a week till the end of the year?

Sudden realisation that there's only 4 months left in the year, and I still have 26 books to go before hitting my 'read 48 books in 2018' goal.

(Also, isn’t famous Tokyo YouTube omurice basically just a French omelette on top of fried rice?)

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