No, really, I'm mostly posting as -- I'm here because the federated timeline over there ain't keeping, you know, up. Because pushes.

@enkiv2 @tfj Keep in mind the federated timeline does not contain every toot on every remote peer. It only contains toots for remote users that have at least one follower on the local server. So it's at least "somewhat" curated in an indirect way.

For kicks I booted an instance of mastodon for running bots. It's at

I made a bot too. I wanted to make something that broke past Twitter's character limit, so I made a bot version of Strachey's LOVELETTERS

@reconbot @ummjackson @ceejbot I think I ran into a case where speed vs. perceived speed becomes apparent. When I reply to a toot on another instance, an optimization makes my reply show up immediately; but if I reload, it's not there, and doesn't show up again until it comes back via federation. Which seems to take quite a few minutes.

Trap bar deadlifts, 170# plus whatever the bar weighs, call it 40-ish.

I am deliberately not saying much here because I'm going to launch my own instance tomorrow and there's no way to migrate accounts. (Or is there, but I missed it?)

My two main considerations right now are: use docker/docker-compose, or run services normally; and use or

And finally, a cat picture.

BTW, here are my ansible playbooks & notes about how I set this up.

I used an older Ubuntu so I could avoid systemd.

Am playing Dargon Age: Inquisition. [sic sic dammit] I am playing an elf rogue.

[dialogue dialogue whatever]
Me: Varric slightly approves!
David: A bear and a twink! What could go wrong?

For instance admins: I noted in a commit message and docs, but noting here now, that I added a new sidekiq queue called "pull" next to "push".

@ceejbot thesis: if email is how federation "fails", then federation is worth doing even if it won't "succeed"

@ceejbot ultimately it all depends on you, amongst others. will you keep posting here so that other people will have it easier to switch or not? :)

*gesturing around*
Savor it folks, this is what it's like to witness the birth of a new social network
*shitposting everywhere, servers keep crashing, everyone's a furry*
and it's just as beautiful as a human birth
My Malcolm obsession is easy to explain. To start with, the Twelfth Doctor is my Doctor, the one who went straight to my heart and ran away with it in his blue box. But this led me to explore Capaldi's long career & his other amazing, definitive role as somebody who swears a lot more than I do. A tragic anti-hero who believes in something, despite the swearing and the terrorizing, and allows his soul to be consumed by the means he takes to achieve it.

(Also: please argue with me and convince me that I'm wrong & this can work. I need Twitter to die a well-deserved death for their failure to take proper care of their one good idea.)

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Provocative thesis: email is an example of the failure of federation.

The API is frozen because of the gigantic size of the deployment. The API is inadequate. Spam has destroyed email as a result. We cannot fix it, because getting the API right early didn't happen.

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