Provocative thesis: email is an example of the failure of federation.

The API is frozen because of the gigantic size of the deployment. The API is inadequate. Spam has destroyed email as a result. We cannot fix it, because getting the API right early didn't happen.

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(Also: please argue with me and convince me that I'm wrong & this can work. I need Twitter to die a well-deserved death for their failure to take proper care of their one good idea.)

@ceejbot if you stick around​ and keep contributing and using this space responsabily it will go a long way.

@ceejbot ultimately it all depends on you, amongst others. will you keep posting here so that other people will have it easier to switch or not? :)

@ceejbot Well, I don't know how you characterise success but it's obviously not by user adoption. And one could argue that it's the only metric worth mentioning.

@ceejbot yeh i'm sure there's some important emails in there somewhere

@sigg @ceejbot the fact that I can't run my own mail server without massive time investment to combat spam means it aint exactly flying high. Same goes with my companies email server, it's not smart to run your own because it's easy to fail hard.

@ceejbot thesis: if email is how federation "fails", then federation is worth doing even if it won't "succeed"

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