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i don’t understand why it’s surprising to people that mental illness can spread through the internet? it’s the same thing as what we’ve been calling psychological warfare and we’ve been at it for a while now

pharmaceutical commercials should be fucking illegal

can’t believe alex jones thought jack dorsey would be a better ally vs. the globalists than me

if we're getting a slenderman movie now, does that mean in 5 years i'll get a dat boi movie?

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so is the benefit of maintaining multiple accounts across different mastodon instances just being able to target :toot:s to a specific instance's local timeline for discovery? still not sure if i grok the benefit of maintaining multiple accounts

i'm going to go host mastadon.doot ill see you all there

when is the mastadon.social admin going on hannity

I have a mastodon.technology account but I don't want people to know that i'm a big dork so I am going to use this

where's my algorithmic timeline that makes me fear and hate everything!?!?!


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