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@buzz i’m doing this as an experiment and i’m thinking of managing it for a friend group / their friends. but i don’t know how worth it it is for a single user

@buzz @ver i think there’s this underlying thread where they believe that the platform has authenticity because they don’t moderate speech. “protect the users voice” or whatever. so they’ll never naturally make a decision against that.

what they don’t get is that they’ve turned twitter into a desiccated husk imo
mainly due to the reward loop of the algorithmic timeline. but they are blind to that, so they hang on to this idea of “user freedom” as what’s keeping twitter animated

i don’t understand why it’s surprising to people that mental illness can spread through the internet? it’s the same thing as what we’ve been calling psychological warfare and we’ve been at it for a while now

@stevej we are in shadowrun except without the elves and magic

@podperson ugh yes and now they’ve been scamming the world for decades and brazenly supplying a drug epidemic

pharmaceutical commercials should be fucking illegal

can’t believe alex jones thought jack dorsey would be a better ally vs. the globalists than me

if we're getting a slenderman movie now, does that mean in 5 years i'll get a dat boi movie?

@ver @wjb @bitbckt really liking pinafore.social but they aren't planning on supporting instance-specific custom emoji???? thats rough

@robey biggest takeaway from this article is that this industry traffics in behavior modification. Some of the HN comments about this article are quite illuminating in that many people working on these products and systems willfully wear blinders about the detrimental effects about we do to people.

@dijkstracula custom emotes are supported already so its like, we might as well run our own so we can ge t:eng101:

@dijkstracula huh someone should just implement a mastadon server where it costs $10bux for an account, you can get banned, pay for people to be panned, the works

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