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Seeing that TM2 Megatron on A3UReview has me going back and playing with some Beast Mashines stuff. Still my favorite Strika and Obsidian.

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I finally got all three of the Titans Return Deluxe Monsterbots stickered up! They look really good together!

If you had told me that the defining characteristic of Siege would be pulling dudes apart as arsenals you can reconfigure and equip to other toys in multiple ways and that I'd love it for that, I'd have told you you're absolutely correct.

@cehteshami I had it for the NES as a kid. I totally never got used to the controls, and only made it as far as the second level. 🤣

I shared one of my favorite games growing up, Prince of Persia (the original) with my friend Cherie! She improved drastically!

Hey there! I'm JungaBeast.
I am an independent illustrator who loves drawing animals and original characters.

Commission info:

I hope you enjoy my art!
#introductions #furry

Hannah tried her first four way battle in Ultra Moon the other day. It went... Well, you'll see.

Hello, just another migrant from tumblr testing the waters
#draenei #introductions

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I am loving the new wave of , been a great way to find some new people to talk with.
I mostly post about

But love meeting new people and learning about their passions!

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