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124/365 lounging in some grass. After getting some feedback I switched to and found it is more comfortable to use, so I'm going to keep learning to draw there.

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Seeing that TM2 Megatron on A3UReview has me going back and playing with some Beast Mashines stuff. Still my favorite Strika and Obsidian.

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monday night doodlin': larva mech.

you put the larva in the mech and it learns to drive the mech around to collect food and destroy perceived threats. driving the mech seems to reduce their stress.

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My friend Hannah is working hard to raise money for Cincinnati Children's Hospital as part of ! All donations made go to the hospital!

weight stuff - 

I lost like, 10-ish pounds when I was keeping track of what I ate, and I stopped doing it because DEPRESSION and now I've put that weight back on.

so I'm trying, trying, trying AGAIN to get into tracking. I'm more active now, I walk to work (only like 10-15 minutes but still more than before!!), drinking more water, and I just... need to get into a habit again. I need to.

it's so hard when I give enough of a shit about myself to feel bad, but not enough to do anything

Hey, if you like , and haven't checked out it's a really fun . The fourth wave of cards is coming out, and I have received some cards from to share!

I've raised over $500 for Children's Hospital to help get medical care for children's who's families struggle with the cost of care. It's a shame that we need to do it, but if you can help, even a couple bucks is appreciated!

is the baddest and I get to prove that by introducing my friends to their first Game!

Hey everyone! We're looking to try and raise some money with for Cincinnati Children's Hospital, we'll be streaming, doing giveaways, and challenges, would love your help!

Been a bit since I've done a drawing, but here she is hanging out with in a Z-move drawing!

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