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21/365 New Pose ! Still using official art as reference. Read up on shading and getting some practice in.

Having lunch with a work colleague then working on homework, so may not have time to try Alolan Ivysaur today.

22/365 Pretty busy today. First attempt at a drawing without reference since day 1. The original Pokedex entry said it had a seed planted on it's back at birth. This little lady's seed didn't stick for some reason. Gonna take another wack at the same thing tomorrow.

23/365 Another shot at no bulb Just focused on trying to get basic shapes and proportions. I think this turned out a bit better? But I don't know.

30/365 using vine whip from a different angle! These past few days have been pretty good I think, definitely happy with this !

32/365 used razor leaf! Super happy with this making the head big and limbs stubby is starting to come naturally!

33/365 used leech seed! I was inspired by the original card art if I remember correctly. I didn't get the angle totally right on this but it still turned out good I think!

Spoiler New Pokemon, Daily Bulbasaur 34/365 


and today. Somehow I think these two would get along really well. I didn't bother cleaning it up today because I don't like the way I did Mudbray's legs. I will take another crack at it tomorrow!

36/365 10% done with the challenge! Another crack at and , I think I did a pretty good job with these ! Going back to action shots tomorrow.

40/365 Another attempt at the same prancing pose for . Looks a little better I think but still need more practice with this . Think I will try the same again tomorrow before doing something different.

41/364 Happy ! has been my daily drawing subject, and was so hot right last week, so I had to be a and do Bulbette for the first day's theme, . First time I tried doing a person instead of .

43/365 Quick Lazy today. Had a lot of other stuff to get done but I still got a drawing done of this !

45/365 is just a taking a walk! I like everything but the back legs. Gotta figure out how to draw a ...

46/365 yep, I'm trashed and this is the best I get to do today. Done with , gotta head back out, but glad I got it done.

49/365 from above, walking through the forest. Looking at today and yesterday I can tell I am stretching the out again. It's an interesting bad habit I gotta break.

50/365 I always assumed the type chart was also a food web when I was little. I figured without trainers to stop them, wild would be Giga Draining the life out of wild .

Playing again, I love the little pose does when it gets apples, so that was my inspiration to sketch this today!

55/365 and seem like they would be natural buddies in Alola. I wanted to add color, but it seems like when I do my don't look as good.

56/365 's bulb is described as a a big seed. I imagine that it would need to fend off who want to try a taste. Not a but a scuffle in the wild.

58/365 All the running around Paniola Ranch inspired me to draw in a Mareep costume, it's a in sheep's clothing.

61/365 Really busy but really great day today. Just running at the viewer. This is not an abomination like yesterday.

65/365 I wanted to do a battle of the first , but while turned out ok is a little tubster. Might try again tomorrow

64/365 Did I not put this picture up yesterday? I did a hanging out with but I didn't see it in my chain, I didn't skip I swear!

66/365 This was my first ever (and probably a lot of fans first ever) battle. Such excitement for the world of possibilites lay between and !

67/365 Early trip for the weeks groceries at Findlay Market, and a simple today! I might switch to drawing on my tablet soon I ran out of pages in my sketchbook and am using reverse sides for now.

68/365 Super busy day today but keeping the streak alive! Is it cheating if I use eggs to cover up baby so I can draw the faster?

69/365 Trying to get the hardwood replacement done by torrow as well as some other projects, so not as much time to draw today. Just a quick sketch, nothing too creative.

71/365 ! ended up dressing up as ! All you need is some cardboard tubes, balloons, green cardboard, and some brown paper towel rolls to dress up as this Pokemon!

76/365 I know Halloween is over, but I got one more costume idea I wanted to try for . Along with Cutiefly the dressed up as Finn the Human and Jake the Dog from !

77/365 I'm super proud of fighting ! I think statwise Bruxish wins, since it can hit with a psychic move before Bulbasaur hits with a Grass move, Bulbasaur is a with the heart of a champion!

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Agreed, I'm learning to draw, so I promised myself I'd draw one each day for a year!

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