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85/365 vs a ! I feel like if Metroids were a Pokemon, they'd be Flying Poison, since Icebeam works against them.

89/365 Just a fast derpy to keep the streak alive. Life gets in the way sometimes but you gotta stick to it!

91/365 and just going on a walk. I really took time to work on my shading, I think it's an improvement from last time!

103/365 kind of.jist got crapped out today on the last day of PAX. No eraser and a short time table led to this abomination. But the streak lasts one more day.

104/365 I had time to draw a better today, I was practicing colored shading to try and make the look more like it's Gen 1 Sprite, but I don't think the effect totally worked.

109/365 Studying for finals so I didn't end up doing the 8th day of Hanukkah with added in. I got an idea for tomorrow but today was another quick and dirty

112/365 inspired by another pic I saw online, as I had no other ideas today and need to foxus on studying for my last final!

116/365 A bit smashed after the office holiday party but managed to get going for a swim in before midnight!

123/365 is going digital! I went with the classic pose as I try and learn tools I need to watch some tutorials I think. Gotta figure out how people get such smooth curves when they draw on a tablet.


124/365 lounging in some grass. After getting some feedback I switched to and found it is more comfortable to use, so I'm going to keep learning to draw there.

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126/365 exchanging gifts with Totodile and Torchic today. The drawing is unfinished as I got busy with family time, but I think it should still count. I also learned how to back color so I think that looks better.

128/365 and hanging out, because someone asked me if I could draw Victini and I had no other ideas for a picture.


129/365 is getting hyped for Devil May Cry 5! Cosplay. I also streamed the process and someone came and hungout with me while I drew, that was super nice.


138/365 is a bit artsy today. I'm trying to play around more and try other tools in Krita, and I ended up liking the way this looked a lot!

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@cehteshami I caught a few minutes of your livestream earlier.

I don't think I'd even know where to BEGIN when it came to drawing electronically, and all the tools available to use!


It was actually someone on Mastodon who pointed me to Krita, I'm using the surface pro and stylus since I already owned those, no extra expense. My first couple digital drawings I did with Gimp because I knew how to use it, but then someone said Krita is simpler, and it definitely is.

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