uspol, horrific, concentration camps 

Trump says they are making a "camp with a concentration of immigrants the size of vermont" "camp with a concentration" AKA Concentration Camp

A Concentration Camp The Size Of Vermont

holy FUCK

uspol, horrific, concentration camps 

@shel This is not entirely new. The sites have been under preparation for a few months. Children have already been moved to camps that have no access to education, media or social services.

I'm glad people are starting to pay attention to his more because it is fucking horrifying.

I think some might find some of the anti-nuclear activism of the 1980s a good place to look for a model on how to proceed.

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uspol, horrific, concentration camps 

@lyliawisteria @shel The state runs those camps. Getting into a shootout with the army is suicidal. The camps will close if there's a mass movement against them. Direct action is a good way of building such a movement. It's not the only way and might not be the best way.

I have an immigration-related application in progress, so please don't tag me in anything else that advocates political violence.

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