Cool take: Amateur art has value. Folk art has value. Art with technical problems has value.

It's not appropriate to judge all art by professional metrics. The value individual practice may come from places unrelated to how a third party views or experiences the piece.

Art for community, art for therapy and art just to pass the time are all good. More people should do art.

@shoutcacophony Sadly, I've seen some bad takes wrt to the site that no longer allows adult content

Also judging whether or not something is art (or is "good art") based solely on a (white supremacist) aesthetic value started to keep indigenous and other marginalized artists out of art museums and therefore out of the public idea of "creative genius" and to enforce the idea that indigenous and/or marginalized museum-goers can never be full citizens. Ex: modern Mexican textiles in an Anthropology museum instead of an art museum bc Mexicans aren't artists or US citizens

@rosebee @celesteh
Truuuuuueeeee, and then there's the fact that minimalist, quiet, contemplative art is recognized as 'art', which is a white supremacist aesthetic and a middle class aesthetic.
While loud, colorful, emotional art is quickly labelled as 'tacky', which means 'not classy -> not of the middle class'. So loads of people grow up thinking art is not for them because white middle class art is in the museums and all other art is either invisible or on nic-nacs and pillow cases.

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