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For all of Silicon Valley's self-style libertarian-ness, they really don't like porn. It's almost like they're misrepresenting their political views as a moral cover for they way they treat workers and poor people.

But also, if Ayn Rand's ideas are less socially objectionable than what one actually believes, this does provoke worry as to what worse ideas are hiding under such a threadbare and deplorable cover.


Apple is bad, actually 

Anyway, this is old news right now, but Tumblr's sudden desire to alienate their user base was driven by Apple:

They're from my home town. MY uncle designed the volume fader on the first apple laptop and my dad designed the memory on the first ipod nano. (Neither of them were Apple employees because Apple is really only a brand. They don't make things. Aside from some software.)

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Apple is bad, actually 

Anyway, I kind of think that if an entire phone is trying to ban 'adult' content, then it's not really a product meant for adults. It's an absurd cost for a children's toy, but costs in Cupertino more generally are absurd. My childhood bungalow is now a multi-million dollar home for somebody...

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Apple is bad, actually 

@celesteh after reading this, I just feel like everyone dropped the ball.

Apple is bad, actually 

@celesteh I feel like they have his weird invisible power? Like, it’s obvious what Google’s end game is. Apple, not so much (besides market dominance I guess). The have lots of social capital tho, which makes it harder to push away.

Apple is bad, actually 

@deathmlem people just assumed they disposed of old laptops safely because of their brand when they were as bad at ewaste as anyone else. They've since improved, but they have a lot of goodwill left over from the 90s that's not based on their current practice.

Apple is bad, actually 

@celesteh It's been reported that the censorship project had been in the works for several months, boosted in priority in September as "Project X", with the issue being forced by the kiddie porn resulting in Apple's dropping of their app.

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