Are there release engineers that package compiling apps into PPAs for a fee? There's a project that I'm very fond of, but they haven't updated the repos for a very long time and I am curious whether updates could be expedited via fundraising. And, if so, what such a person would typically charge.

This sounds unhealthy. What prevents this software, as long as it's really floss, from being distributed through official repos instead of PPAs, and what prevents you from packaging it?


@AMDmi3 there are official repos of source code which is easy to compile, but this makes it much less accessible then just having the latest version packaged with the raspberry pi, which would actually happen if the PPAs had the latest version.

This kind of packaging is fiddly and time consuming and has been too much for the last several volunteers who looked into it. I also don't know what I'm doing and I don't want to have to find time learn it.

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