Slowly my account turned into nothing more than tepid takes on 20 year old Star Trek episodes.

More out-of-date Star Trek takes 

See my forthcoming paper: Bajorans Vs the Kazon: The Lens of Otherness in the Depictions of Post-Colonial Societies in the 24th Century

While the Bajoran resistance invited comparisons to the French resistance and depicts Cardassians as metaphorical Nazis, the Trabe are more akin to white South Africans. Where the Bajoran are considered sympathetic and daring, the Kazon reflect racialised anxieties about war lords and collectivised revenge fantasies and fears.

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More out-of-date Star Trek takes 

No, but really the Bajorans were enslaved, so had a legitimate claim to all the Cardassians things made by their labour and left behind. The Kazon were enslaved and so had no legitimate claim to anything and are described as having stolen the goods they appropriated.

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More out-of-date Star Trek takes / racism 

Bajorans also seem to be mostly ginger-haired white people and Kazons do not have that kind of hair.

And when I looked at the Wikipedia article for spelling, it turns out they're meant to represent black youth gangs in Los Angeles. They are Hillary Clinton's myth of the super predator. Voyager is peak liberalism.

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More out-of-date Star Trek takes / racism 

Here's an extremely problematic paper analysing the racist depiction of the Kazon and the implications this raises. Alas, it fails to notice the depictions of Native Americans is also racist.

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@celesteh And about the Kazon… I only saw the episode where they were introduced in Star Trek: Voyager, and it left me surprised.
So it turns out Neelix stole some water from them in a Kin-dza-dza'esque setting, and they are very angry. Meanwhile USS Voyager has the means of producing water out of nothing. So they beam two canisters down to the desert planet and then, when they needed a distraction, shoot a hole in both of them.
Why weren't more canisters beamed down there as compensation for the committed theft? It would've costed them nothing.


The Kazon article on wikipedia is equal parts enlightening and alarming. Voyager is essentially campaigning for Clinton's crime bill. The whole show is relentlessly Blarite.

@celesteh I'll avoid reading that for now to avoid spoilers, heh.
@celesteh For what it's worth, it made me decide that I don't want to see Star Trek: Voyager.

@xrevan86 To be fair, I think Battlestar Gallactica changed everything about TV sci fi and anything from before it is slightly silly in comparison.

Also, the first 3 or 4 years of DS9 were similarly dire.

@celesteh What about Babylon 5? A fluke ahead of its time :-)?

@xrevan86 I guess I should be careful of sweeping statements! The were several years where I didn't watch any television, so there's a lot I haven't seen.

@celesteh !babylon5 has a story arc lasting 4 seasons.
Consider it my personal recommendation :-).
@moonman It's the slowest, but I think it has the wholesome charm Firefly has. And it has Jeffrey Sinclair.
@celesteh I think in the later seasons (sixth, seventh) Star Trek: DS9 has got worse.

@xrevan86 I found I enjoyed it more and more as it went on, but maybe this was a kind of Stockholm syndrome

> I found I enjoyed it more and more as it went on, but maybe this was a kind of Stockholm syndrome
@celesteh Oh yes, it was definitely there :-).
But the show still started to feel repetitive, and morally even more ambiguous.
In Season 6 there were even several episodes in a row when main characters made ethically questionable choices and the series rewarded them for that.
I suspect that this may be intentional as right after that Section 31 was introduced…
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