Slowly my account turned into nothing more than tepid takes on 20 year old Star Trek episodes.

@celesteh For what it's worth, it made me decide that I don't want to see Star Trek: Voyager.

@xrevan86 To be fair, I think Battlestar Gallactica changed everything about TV sci fi and anything from before it is slightly silly in comparison.

Also, the first 3 or 4 years of DS9 were similarly dire.

@celesteh What about Babylon 5? A fluke ahead of its time :-)?

@xrevan86 I guess I should be careful of sweeping statements! The were several years where I didn't watch any television, so there's a lot I haven't seen.

@celesteh !babylon5 has a story arc lasting 4 seasons.
Consider it my personal recommendation :-).
@moonman It's the slowest, but I think it has the wholesome charm Firefly has. And it has Jeffrey Sinclair.
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