Slowly my account turned into nothing more than tepid takes on 20 year old Star Trek episodes.

More out-of-date Star Trek takes 

More out-of-date Star Trek takes 

@celesteh And about the Kazon… I only saw the episode where they were introduced in Star Trek: Voyager, and it left me surprised.
So it turns out Neelix stole some water from them in a Kin-dza-dza'esque setting, and they are very angry. Meanwhile USS Voyager has the means of producing water out of nothing. So they beam two canisters down to the desert planet and then, when they needed a distraction, shoot a hole in both of them.
Why weren't more canisters beamed down there as compensation for the committed theft? It would've costed them nothing.


The Kazon article on wikipedia is equal parts enlightening and alarming. Voyager is essentially campaigning for Clinton's crime bill. The whole show is relentlessly Blarite.

@celesteh I'll avoid reading that for now to avoid spoilers, heh.
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