Let's talk symbols:
The peace sign was designed by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament based on the semaphore signals for their initials. Its been hugely successful and has co e to represent something larger than the CND.
The anarchy sign is a very solid symbol. Easy to draw and super recognisable.
The XR hourglass symbol is extremely powerful, with a sense of urgency implied but simple and distinctive. I predict it will spread like the peace symbol.

The communist symbol is way older and less abstract. Its a weaker symbol than the ones upthread, but is still not hard to draw and its wide use has made it iconic.

As far as I'm aware, there's no green anticapitalist symbol. Using any existing symbol would be sectarian and alienate people, so it may be desirable to create a new symbol. It appears that lines and enclosing circles are the most powerful elements.

What would you draw?

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