Really glad I decided to go to the anti-cargill protest despite having a cold, as we're now 4 people.

Slavery, child abuse 

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Perhaps, like me, you had never heard of until very recently. Who are they? You can find out more about them from this weblink: And a summary follows:

Cargill is a multinational commodities trader, mostly involved in food supply chains. They buy soy from the amazon and sell it to beef farmers who sell their cows to Cargill who sell the Amazon-fed beef to McDonalds. They supply a lot of household names: KFC, Nestle Nescafe and Tyson to name a few.

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They are based in the US, but with offices and plants around the world. When you hear stories of contaminated meat in the US or dodgy production practices, that's likely Cargill wot done it. They're the biggest company in the US and a major driver of climate change and serial polluter and human rights abuser.

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slavery, child abuse 

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Climate Save will be protesting every friday at noon in front of Cargill's london offices, right by the Mansion house tube station.

This is the ultimate intersectionality, where human rights, indigenous rights, worker's rights, eco concerns, animal rights and even LGBT rights (they helped Bolsinaro!) come together. Everyone is impacted by their poor actions and probably all of us inadvertently consume the output of their supply chains.

Climate Save's sole demand is "Cargill, meet with us." In that meeting, we will discuss their transition to a plant based system, their apology for their past misdeeds, and how they will make reparations to the individuals and communities they've harmed.

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However, I feel we should also consider asking something specific of people passing by. My spouse suggests a three-ask structure:
1. Do an easy thing standing here.
2. Do a thing when you get home.
3. Join us on coming fridays.

The things asked would have to be actions like letter writing or such. I'm asking people of the fediverse what you think actions 1 & 2 should be?

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In 2018, I asked (literally) hundreds of people to put their name on postcards making demands of the US government.

At the Cargill protests, we could hand out pamphlets and ask people if they'd put their name on postcards demanding cargill meet with us.

I don't know what step 2 would be, but this feels right?

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