If I have to move my class online, what's a gdpr-compliant service that could deal with 30+ students and doesn't require special software?

I never do real time stuff online with big groups and interactivity


i've heard a lot of bad things said about Discord, which is why i said "", and yet my experience of it has been uniformly undramatic. chat seems to work well, there's provision for audio, sharing pictures and video.

i think the bad press comes from Discord instances full of idiots. i've been lucky.

@Nikolai_Kingsley @celesteh they've also increased the number of people who can access a stream at once to help people who need to work remotely

@celesteh BigBlueButton - fully open source. Your institution should be proactively trialling this now if they have any sense; relying on an external partner like Zoom will be inadequate, I can't see any way they can scale for the demand under their current pricing.

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