The stream is working really well for me right now.

Low Tech Magazine is one of the presenters.

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The layout if also just really nice. The graphics are really well done.

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Like java script. Code on your computer. Downloaded. That your computer runs.

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Kris De Decker is the founder of Low Tech Magazine - which seeks to come up with different, better, lower resource solutions.

Many good solutions existed in the past. The solution to your problem probably already exists.

He used typepad in the early days, but this uses a fair amount of unnecessary energy. So they set out to make a low tech website. They now have a solar powered website.

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Early web design with static design is more sustainable than dynamic web sites. Most websites are dynamic to promote interactivity. However, this is not necessary for most websites. Static websites use less resource.

Lightweight websites can be self-hosted. You can pick your power source.

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The website is static which saves energy, but the images are also made smaller by using an old dithering an algorithm. They use no logos, no typefaces, no tracking.

Switching to renewables does mean cutting back somewhat. They can be intermittent and there can be less of it.

The website goes offline if there isn't enough sun. (Chemical) batteries are not actually very sustainable. They cost a lot of money to produce and don't last long.

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(There's something beautiful about online services relying on weather. We call it a cloud, after all.)

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He uses a 2006 laptop. Old thinkpads are basically modular.

But shitty big websites create loads of waste and pressure to upgrade. Facebook has gotten heavier and heavier and heavier, but for what? It was shit in 2006 and it's shit now. (my words)

He got a typewriter because it's less distracting. What about a writing machine that's not connected to the internet, but saves stuff and allows editing?

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Elena Gerebizza: shipping requires roads. Road building and the imposition of right of ways is often undemocratic and includes ongoing human rights abuse. People who live on territories involved often do not benefit from the infrastructure crossing it. The main goal is to provide new assets to investors. These assets are often portrayed as green and sustainable, but they are often not so.

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Smart cities are investment projects for corporations. They are public/private partnerships with new forms of guarantees. The public component is only there to absorb risk. Laws that govern those cities may be set by investors and thus are entirely undemocratic.

This is a major reorganising of the global territory through infrastructure.

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The creation of transport corridors are to speed up supply chain speeds. (My gloss: this increasingly wide/long supply chains are fragile as fuck and a bad idea. Just look at how it works in a crisis.)

The transport corridors need logistic centres, data centres, deep ports, more roads.

There are many initiatives for this. This is the other side of the 9000 lines of JS to buy a book from Amazon: how long does the paper travel? What about the ink?

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Filippo Taglieri: Poor people pay for the new ports, new roads, etc through their taxes, but for the benefit of private companies.

People subsidise corporations and labour loses rights. This is happening in the mediteranean now.

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Moll: The obscuring of infrastructure though interface is a theological issue

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Malte Reißig: Sustainable infrastructure exists in a local context.

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Kris De Decker: We call it the "world wide web" but half of the population can't access our websites because they're too heavy.

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Joana Moll: Computers were invented in the cold war for the military for command and control and we still see things through that lens.

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@celesteh Absorb risk... sounds like corporate dining and ditching to me. Profits to the company, cleanup costs to... everyone else. So it'd be a scam, even if it was a democracy!

It's a funny thing to bring up, because it's been known for centuries what a horrible investment company towns are, once people get wise to the scam.

Don't know the conference you're commenting on, but it sounds pretty cool.


Unfortunately, that was the last session, but it will all get put online to watch later. (Which is good because I missed a lot)


I use spacemacs/emacs in org mode for writing and then syncthing to back it up and it works wonderfully.

There are tons of themes for emacs and spacemacs makes a solid case for emacs being gorgeous when you fullscreen it.

I am pretty sure there are packages that allow you to directly convert org files to static websites, tho I cant remember the name.

I understand why people dont like emacs, but coupled with org mode it is the best writing tool out there.


Org mode is only beaten out by a pen and paper as the best thinking tool as well :P

@celesteh These exist! They're indestructible and connect up to a computer when you're ready to post your work, but otherwise totally offline. If the screen was bigger, they'd be perfect.

@BestGirlGrace @anarchiv @Alonealastalovedalongthe

Distraction is a huge struggle, but I have the possibly misguided idea that distractions also lead to insights.

@celesteh @anarchiv @Alonealastalovedalongthe Oh, absolutely. It's about striking a balance. I wouldn't have anything to write if I didn't let my mind wander sometimes!

@BestGirlGrace @anarchiv

I think if most people stepped into my brain they would be overwhelmed at how often I jump from distraction to distraction in unorganized chaos. My life is a constant sea of distraction so there is no real way I can construct a vision of reality where distractions are inherently bad, it would be a form of self hatred.

So yah, distraction can be beautiful!

Either that is a true statement or a necessary delusion for me.

@celesteh @BestGirlGrace @anarchiv

What is important to me though is tools that whisper in your ear "keep going, stay here on this".

I love well designed tools because they are anchors that keep me working within the context of what the tool is designed to do for as long as possible.

Unfortunately 99% of software is designed to grab and steal your attention which has demolished my attempts to the herd the cats of my adhd.

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