Going through the family paper that my uncle inherited and then stored until his death and its all cancelled checks from 1953

Can I put 70 year old cancelled checks in my paper recycling?

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> Cannot register a clear title S the ne the

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Mr. MacLennen is yery anxious to get this mattos eed of sais
until he gets the necessary details from your levees ap bet
complete the deed, he cannot

I am sorry to hear that Mr. McCrae had injurea ni, de
in an accident but I am glad to know from your letter that hoa
been steadily improving. =

We have worried Collette and kept after him constantly put gy

far have not been able to collect the $25.50 due. Through the
lawyer we got part of the money, as you know, but the Man was oot.

of work, then there was sickness in the family and the death ot
one member who fell in the canal, We can only keep after him am

we are still doing 5°

I am sorry that I am not able to write you a more encouragin
letter but perhaps With this knowledge you may be able to get Mr
feCrae get in touch with Mr. MacLennan so that the matter can be

2losed Up.
With very kindest regards.

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