Yo, *all* cops shows are propaganda since the LAPD collaborated on "Dragnet" in 1949.

@celesteh they started around the time the drug war started so that they could broadcast cops fucking up """suspected drug dealers"""

kind of like an extension of nighttime news

@celesteh I did, but a lot of subsequent shows started following the "Cops" framework. Save for the shows that just did aerial footage of high-speed chases

@celesteh I'm pretty sure one of the roots of my panic disorder is DUE to watching one as a kid with family

goddamn its burnt into my mind

@celesteh more reason these shows should be fucking BANNED!


I assume you must be talking about "cops"? It should be fucking be banned.

@celesteh yeah... I'd prefer to forget about that tbh but its scarred me


Let's stop humanising anti-human institutions and individuals.

@celesteh even Brooklyn 99 which is watched far too much. I used to watch it but now find it too distasteful after someone tooted abt this


I've never seen that one, so I can't say anything about how distasteful it is, but I do watch cop shows. All my faves are problematic. Some of what I watch is propaganda for things that are objectively bad. We live in a dystopia and sometimes I want to watch telly.


@celesteh I used to tolerate fictional cops more because it was the omnipresent norm. There's only so much regular people will give a shit about the brutality of the "justice" system when they've been brainwashed their whole lives.

No more. All producers of media had better look at this and hesitate on how they portrey cops. At the very least I'm hoping they'll fear it out of seeming political, but I don't plan to accept just that.

ACAB. Even the fictional ones.

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