Felons in Florida can't vote until they've paid off all their court fees. This effects around 700,000 people who have served their sentences. They mostly owe between $400.00 and $1000.00.

Florida's prison system, like the rest of the US, is racist, so this is an aspect of systemic disenfranchisement. Obviously the law needs to be changed, but in the mean time, you can donate to help people vote again.

Florida is, of course, a crucial swing state.

That's why I don't go OK with people saying, Trump has made it by a democratic election.
That problem hits DEM party as well as GOP.
And if I see DEM election campaign under this circumstances, I rather go to the porcelain room to revise breakfast...


On the one hand, you're not wrong.

On the other hand, over the last 25 years (and especially over the last decade) it's overwhelmingly been the Republicans seeking to disenfranchise black people. This is overwhelmingly their project.

Its not the ideal circumstance in which to hold an election, but neither should the election be postponed. Somebody is going to win that election. Ceding it to the party of disenfranchisement would not be an act of solidarity.

I clearly see the necessity, that Biden wins a regular election. Regular by the by-now rules. That gives him legitimation, and withdraw it from Trump.
But for several reasons I doubt that will happen. First, the stupid campaigning will probably chase off important groups of voters. Second, and that is most probable, Trumpists will obstruct the election. They already played false flag action games. That will be the perfect excuse for Trump gov and GOP states, to interfere...


Yes, the legitimacy of this election is clearly going to be a problem. I'm overseas, so i have no insight on how this will play put or what to do about this, but I do hope that very high turnout may be enough to enable a biden win despite vote suppression.

@celesteh 🍬 A billionaire or two could have some real fun with this and do good in the world if they used their wealth to pay off all those court fees. 🍬

@sobsz @celesteh 🍬 The rare instance of a member of the human species using their vast fortune to do good. 🍬


@lyrabon @celesteh i mean no doubt it's part of his plan to elect biden, it just happens to be good in general as a bonus

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