American liberals adopting the term left is cool and I'm for it, but y'all need to dig a little bit deeper in the differences between leftism and liberalism.

"Affordable healthcare" is liberalism, which I acknowledge is an improvement on the current situation.

"Healthcare is a right for all" is leftism and a much better solution.

It's also a strategically better demand. If you ask for a loaf of bread, you'll get crumbs. If you want a loaf, ask for the bakery.

uspol liberalism and leftism 

When I was a kid, I thought my choices were "liberal" or "conservative", so I went with liberal. But it's a bigger world and there are positions farther to the left. I try to question to assumptions behind the framing.

[subtoot alert] Does america ~actually~ have the principles of liberty and justice for all? The socialist who wrote the Pledge of Allegiance after the civil war thought it should, but this was always an aspiration, never reality.

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uspol liberalism and leftism 

Anyway, welcome to the left. Housing, healthcare and education should be free for everybody!

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