The real message is "Vote Biden whether you like him or not" of course, and, without casting any specific judgment on this particular person, I will endlessly despair these common neutral voting exhortations. #USPol #Election2020



This particular person is an ~excellent~ left wing writer, who's insights and commentary I value very much. Her best known piece was a profile of Rachel Doezal which she wrote for The Stranger.

She later resigned from the Stranger when they published some TERF nonsense. She's a good comrade.

When I see properly left wing black women saying to vote for Biden, this, to me, is a strong endorsement that can't be lightly cast aside.

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@hypolite @celesteh I'm whole-heartedly ready to believe everything you said as this tweet was reshared by a friend of mine, and this is also why I added the disclaimer about this particular person that I didn't think any less of because of this tweet.
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