I'm trying to figure out what awesome hosts to recommend to people to get them off of m.s, bit the last 7 I've stanned have all blown up for various reasons, some quite spectacularly alas. Any recommendations?

OK folks, I'm happy to say the the best instance to move to is-

[Commotion in background.]




[Doors slam, a car skids away, a loud boom rumbles in the distance.]

So the last eight awesome instances I've been recommending to people have all collapsed and so I'm looking for a new one again…

@celesteh I've been asking around for that. So far octodon.social and meow.social have both been recommended. I started on octodon.social before moving to cybre.space


Its quite late in my time zone and I was attempting to joke a bit about the volatility of the fediverse.

As a middle aged boring person, I tend to prefer stability and so my second concern in instance picking is projected longevity.

@celesteh Totally fair. Sadly the ones I'm on that are stable are that way due to closed registrations.

@celesteh We'll be here when the final black holes explode. ^_^


On the last day of the universe, three instances remain: mastodon.social, hellsite.site and lgbt.io. Then @GoatBot decides to hack in a new feature...

@porsupah @GoatBot

ah, I meant to tag @goat and not the bot, but by then the bot will probably be a sentient hacker, so it still works.

@porsupah @GoatBot @goat

Also I did wonder if the joke in the first post there was too subtle....

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