I'm looking at dropping google and have seen two interesting projects, and , both of which seem to be distros.

Interestingly, syncloud comes with a disapora pod. (Small instances like this could help solve their moderation issues, tbh) And freedombox comes with a GNU Social instance.

I'm wondering which of these is the most suited to a lazy admin in a fairly tech-phobic household?

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Me: I'm going to move vital services which we rely on to organise our lives to a dodgy raspberry pi in our living room!
My spouse: [extremely grumpy cat] no.

Some events have been modified from the original true story for purposes of comedy

In other news, I will not be moving my email server to a raspberry pi sitting under my sofa, even if I do find a nice rack enclosure for it.

(I'd still like to put a secure scuttlebutt pub on a pi, though) ....


Syncloud forces you to create an account on their site in order to use otherwise free and privacy respecting software. I see their intent, but it makes me wary.

@celesteh I hadn't heard of syncloud before. Looks like it will run NextCloud. FreedomBox has more apps available.
@celesteh I notice that syncloud uses nginx, which will be better than FreedomBox which runs Apache. In the early development of #freedombone I found that Apache tends to run very badly on small systems without much RAM, no matter how much you tweak the parameters.

@bob I was impressed that it bundles a diaspora pod, which is a oddly compelling choice.

@celesteh FreedomBox provides some services that can help you get rid of your Google account - calendar and contact sync (Radicale), Metasearch engine (Searx) and file synchronization (Syncthing).

There are plans to integrate GNU Social and #diaspora into #FreedomBox. They are not available yet.

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