This one for example. Why does fm chaos sound so boring on it??

We have some fun in, but here is a photo of me holding the book behind my line manager's dog (who is on my sofa)

This is a serious question: is it actually possible to deploy anything written in python?

I feel like my computer has turned into this xkcd cartoon....

Trying out some sentences after duolingo 

I started paying for duolingo and it immediately became more buggy.

Picture 1: A "question" from , that they posed, but with the entire scar filled in.
Picture 2: The proceed answer is slightly wrong.

I might not be getting a out of this particular question. However, I'm pondering actually starting to pay them.

Do French bakers not use dozens? I can't think of a circumstance in an Anglophone place where I would ask for 20 biscuits/cookies.

Selfie ec 

If guess there's a couple thousand people marching in ? I'm at the back and can't see the front

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