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Politics after 2016 is like watching the end of Infinity War over and over and no Endgame is planned or funded.

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I've used Barnes & Noble Nooks since 2013, but I don't like how they set up their devices anymore. My Glowlight broke and so is being replaced by this Kobo.

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Every American — particularly Trump supporters, must read this. Please Retweet. A Powerful Statement of Resistance from a College Student on Trial in Moscow newyorker.com/news/our-columni

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Lol, loving the replies to this

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every city has a "guy" they all know about. you can visit a friend in their town and see a man dressed in robes, riding a horse & your friend will go "oh yeah haha that's horseback jesus" and then that's just the end of the explanation.

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Didn’t trump run for president on the idea that countries were laughing at us and now here is an actual video of the The leaders of a bunch of countries laughing at him?

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DM: ‘You come to large wooden door.’

Cat: ‘I knock at the door.’

DM: ‘An orc opens it and asks you to come in.’

Cat: ‘I do nothing.’

DM ‘He asks you to come inside again.’

Cat: ‘I do nothing.’

DM: ‘Eventually the orc tires and closes the door.’

Cat: ‘I knock at the door.’

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Remember the National Day of Mourning to understand the true history of what is now called Thanksgiving Day.

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I'm three-quarters white (but not passing) so yeah, kind of.

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Anyone else feel less safe when they see police officers and cop cars?

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(Courage in the face of fear is not so common that we can afford to dismiss it merely because we have finally brought a diagnosis to the cause.) 3/3

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Saw it last night with my husband ❄️😍 So lives up to the hype! A perfect sequel. More mature and beautiful

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the most breathtaking cinematography

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met a woman in a bathroom line last night who told me she was a writer and I said I was one too and she was like "oh we're that Spiderman meme" and then we both immediately, instinctively pointed fingers at each other and I'm still thinking about it

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Just got WAY too excited to volunteer at my kid's school book fair, god I loved the school book fair

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The funniest thing about this whole situation is that Trump could’ve just lived the rest of his life as a private citizen being rich and cheating on his wives if he weren’t so desperately jealous of the first black president.

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As a tiny child, I was dismayed to be told that I couldn't pet fish and that fish *couldn't* be petted, ever. Good to see the contrary ^^

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Fish rarely get love from people in the way that dogs or dolphins do when they should.

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Yep. As a kid that put me off 🙃

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I thought that the kid who saw mommy kissing Santa Claus saw mommy participating in an affair before I ever considered it was the dad dressed as Santa

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