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Vanessa Bryant don’t have to say SHIT to us. DO YOU HEAR ME?

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I found this meme and it's so niche but goddamnit it is *my* niche

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Via @_Jillosophy_@twitter.com in our DMs, naturally no one hates Minnesota.

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1. A word on "Death to America" chants in Iran. I've had friends & folks on Twitter send me videos of crowds chanting "Death to America" and say they're scared

When I shrug my shoulders about the chants, they're confused...here's why the chants don't phase me and many Iranians

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I'll say time and time again: the people around the world, the ones who live in villages, cities, and are just going about their lives -- we have nothing to fear from them. It's the ruling regimes that make war 😢

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“I'm saying we love Americans, but we hate your president” 😭

Are these the "terrorist" we are fighting in the middle east?

Does this man look or even sound a terrorist to you?

My heart breaks for my people.💔

"Are we human or not?"

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@comradevenustas@twitter.com It can't buy happiness directly, but it allows you to afford the things that improve your living standards as well as mental and physical health, which makes you happier as consequence.

That, and knowing that any unforeseen expense won't break your neck and leave you in a ditch.

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i can not stand when people say “money doesn’t buy happiness”

sure, it doesn’t magically create happiness, but financial instability is one of the biggest stressors on your life and relationships.

saying this reeks of privilege. stop saying it to low income people. please.

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will forever retweet this if i see it for the gals. know the signs

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1920’s: Women were fighting for equality and the poor were suffering while the rich prospered at their expense.

2020’s: Women are fighting for equality and the poor are suffering while the rich prosper at their expense but we have the Internet now.

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At the end of the year we often focus on what gutted us, or brought us to our knees and overlook the small blessings that kept us going. As you reflect back, celebrate your accomplishments, how you made a way out of no way, and what made you smile. It matters. Embrace you!

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Wholeheartedly agree with this 😆 "The Witcher is doing plenty to distinguish itself from Game of Thrones, but if you’re going to have a character say “You know nothing” and take a long pause before continuing, my brain is automatically going to fill in 'Jon Snow.'"

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