outing myself as a DRM accelerationist

we can do way better than the Web, and DRM is the perfect lit match

@cemerick I keep looking at this stuff (DRM for the web, ME for chips, bugs for... everything) and thinking, well, on the one hand, this makes the case more compelling for changing over to something else, such as the stack I am working on, but on the other hand, the stack I am working on is many hundreds of lifetimes of work that I will never complete, so...


@flaviusb "completion" doesn't happen. Not a single computing substrate is complete today. AFAICT, the best strategy to compete will be to offer one that can be changed faster, easier, and more safely by more people. (I guess that would be the 2nd derivative of velocity)

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@cemerick Ah, yeah. I don't disagree. It still feels like I am quite a few lifetimes away from a thing that actually exists in any meaningful way though. Stacks of yaks, etc.

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