Stellar talk from @mala

'Building a new Net in the Shell of the Old' (and various stories of social and political lacuna)

@mala I was legit screaming at the end when you actually got everyone singing wobblies anthems 馃槀

@mala that there are analogous structures between the different theories of political and technological action/progress seemed tenuous (at least to me) 3-5 years ago, but are glaringly obvious now; thanks for making the connection explicitly

@mala About halfway through, I started thinking "I wonder what he would say to Adam Curtis" (good job anticipating 馃榿), but left even more urgently curious as to how you'd relate to his position.

If Curtis thinks that those hippie ideologues you talked about some effectively abrogated politics in their attempt to make a new world, where does that leave prefigurative efforts now and in the future?

@mala maybe this gets to your idle suggestion that having the Black Panthers direct that early distribution might have led to a very different world鈥aybe one where computational freedom/agency/transparency was harnessed to address immediate social ills instead of being bottled for resale


@mala (I'll stop now. 馃榿 Nice talk.)

Web 0 0 0

@cemerick (sorry I missed this yesterday! Let me know if you're ever in SF -- I love talking about this!)

@mala absolutely no worries; this is my higher-quality, higher-latency channel :-)

@mala And, likewise if you find yourself in/around Western Mass. :-) I suspect I'll be in SF sometime this summer, so I'll ping when that happens.

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