So many feels looking through prehistoric photos

'chas working.jpg', 2001-07-21

there's a lot going on here

Here's the DNC's lawyer arguing that it can favor particular candidates in presidential primaries, because it enjoys the same right of free association as any other incorporated entity.

Keep this in mind when you make donations, and otherwise are tempted to think of political parties as vehicles for advancing some shared set of civic values and policy beliefs.

So, backstory:

* There's @555uhz (and, which post a frame per half-hour from Top Gun

* There's this tweet (, same as the image here), which I saw earlier today, and which is reminiscent of the 555uhz bot

* Why not have a bot that does the same thing as 555uhz, but for computology videos/talks? (

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hate speech v. threatening speech v. "genocide" 

This counterpoint from Christian is worth thinking about, if only to examine when/why/how rhetoric should really go to 11 ("inciting genocide", etc).

Hate speech, threatening speech, and inciting genocide are all different; it helps no one to give bigots more credit than they deserve.

Also, it looks like Direct-tooting isn't supported by GNU social (among other things IIRC?)

I know there's beef between the projects; surely someone's written up the technical and userland differences somewhere?

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