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Help requested - everything everywhere all at once accessibility 

I can’t watch things with lots of strobing and flashing effects, which I’ve heard everything average all at once has a fair amount of. Usually I just skip things with these effects, but I really want to see this movie! Are there groups that release edits that cut flashing scenes or remove those effects?

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Today is #GAAD2022, global accessibility awareness day. I was inspired by Marie Guillaumet's quotes during her training and prepared 5 illustrations to help you understand and promote certain aspects of accessibility.


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I got a Mac mini with a 10 Gigabit Ethernet port. Not because I neeeded it, but because the only config I wanted in the refurb store came with it.

So, obviously, I'm looking for 10Gbe NAS devices, mini servers, and switches to put in my closet now.

This is gonna end up being more expensive than the MacBook Pro I avoided buying.

All the things you know you should do to be a successful freelancer, but can’t for one reason or another, in a tidy list: sidesupply.com/guides/the-free

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After many bouts of denial about Tailwind CSS, I tried tailwind.run and gave in.

Implemented a new design of mine in 2 days, and 1.5 days of it was trying to get node/npm running on my machine.

I still believe in semantic CSS, but damn this makes it so easy to prototype!


(Comic by @warandpeas — literally couldn't find a way to add alt-text by quote-boosting the toot or replying to it. Sorry for the re-upload!)

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I'm on vacation, so I wrote a blog post after a long time, and implemented Dark Mode in two of my blogs. 🤷🏻‍♂️

This is my setup (and one of the sites): blog.cemkesemen.com/post/summe

This is the other site: fixed.some.design
(They share a Hugo theme using submodules, so updating one means updating the other. 🤷🏻‍♂️)

“We’re kinda crazy about maps. I don’t know what it is—probably it’s because we’re lost.”
—Pablo Stanley, on design buzzwords youtu.be/bEg5ySTUGxE

Took over an hour to update the Raspbian on the SD card.

6 minutes on the SSD.
Also, it's snappy. Like, _very_ snappy.

So many opportunities. 🤩

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Me: What, $40CAD to boot my Raspberry Pi from a 120GB SSD?! Ridiculous!

Also me: Well, $6,000USD for a Mac Pro with a 256GB SSD is not that unreasonable.

I’m trying to build a Design as a Service brand, and I have the domain some.design

Guess what I heard about, just this past week?



Things I've given up to use a 4K display with my 13" 2015 MacBook Pro:

- Stutter-free audio playback
- Smooth Sketch performance
- Animations of any kind
- Transparency in UI
- Bluetooth peripherals
- Fan that revolves in lower RPMs
- Self worth
- Dignity
- Sanity

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