Things I've given up to use a 4K display with my 13" 2015 MacBook Pro:

- Stutter-free audio playback
- Smooth Sketch performance
- Animations of any kind
- Transparency in UI
- Bluetooth peripherals
- Fan that revolves in lower RPMs
- Self worth
- Dignity
- Sanity

I cannot buy a new Mac.

MacBook Pro - Crappy keyboard.
Mac mini - No discrete GPU.
iMac - Glossy display.
Mac Pro - lol.


With Hugo, everything is only half an hour, 7 documentation pages, 3 additional template files, 2 blog posts, 5 forum posts, 72 swear words, a lunch break, and 10 additional minutes away.

I remember writing this code a couple of years ago, and enjoying Kirby a lot.

I just re-did the same functionality using Airtable. In under 5 minutes.

Still uses Workflow —now called Shortcuts. Gets URL, puts into the table. Table has grouping and sorting, so I can have a similar view too. No code necessary.

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I love these guys:

They are amazing musicians, and amazing people.

Not to mention, their latest album has two songs that have helped me get through a very rough time in my life.

Hoping to see them live and meet them someday. ❤️

This, but on YouTube.

I don't want to see any more Unboxing Therapy videos with the 🤔 guy in the thumbnail and negative titles.

I feel the same way about Smugmug deleting older Flickr photos, as I did with IMDb removing discussion boards without backup.

They are public, and they are part of the internet history. So much will be lost.

I just received the first of the year, a Moonman Wancai Mini. Comes in a really nice box with an eyedropper and 6 ink cartridges, which I honestly did not expect for a $15 pen. I also did not expect it to write so good —I've had worse performing TWSBI and Lamy's.

There's a frontend developer here, and his whole attitude to every question is RTFM. I love it.

Well no need to be this specific, just "2019" would've sufficed I think.

I _finally_ convinced my girlfriend to let me buy a monitor —one which my 2015 MacBook struggles to drive.

I wonder if I can convince her to let me buy a new Mac mini? 🤔

I also installed Prepros as a replacement for CodeKit.

It's no replacement for CodeKit. But it'll do for now.

Needed syntax colouring for SCSS in Sublime Text, couldn't use Package Control due to firewalls in workplace.

Tried VS Code for the first time. I'm enjoying it more than I thought I would. SCSS colouring is supported out of the box, and having the Terminal inside the window is great too.

An update to my invoicing struggles.
I've been using Bonsai for a weekly contract thing, while using Billdogg for one-off invoices in between.

That doesn't really work all that great for keeping track.
However, I've created a brilliant Airtable base that lets me keep track of everything, calculates my HST and taxes, and my withdraw rates and intervals.

I really want to create a Sketch plugin that generates a PDF from that Airtable though.

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