I really like this photo, for some reason. Do you think it's pretty? I think it's pretty.

It's the P. J. McArdle Roadway in Pittsburgh, as viewed from the Grandview Overlook.

Seeing the road closure barricade from yesterday haphazardly tossed aside today amuses me far more than it reasonably should.

They installed a shiny new fire hydrant on the cul-de-sac but it's not actually hooked up to any water yet

So please don't start a fire this week

I finally stopped pretending I'm not the world's hugest nerd and bought a paper copy of the MUTCD. πŸ›£

Some Coca-Cola executive saw a college student filling up a water bottle at a drinking fountain and thought "Wait, what the hell? Why aren't we making money off of this??"

Get a load of this brilliant and considerate parking job I spotted this afternoon

This amused me: evidently someone at OSU Transportation & Traffic Management got REAL annoyed with randos turning into the Buckeye Lot bus loop, so...this.

I have no recollection of burning this disc, nor do I know any reason WHY I would have burned this disc.


Dear software developers: If I'm going to be stuck on a loading screen for several minutes, please give me an actual description of what your software is DOING during that time, instead of telling me "Just a moment..." like I knocked on your bedroom door while you're getting dressed. πŸ™„

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