MTT 219 / Tomorrow & Yesterday

Fast this week. This mix features music by 96 Back, Blotnik Brothers, Cyborg 95, DJ Overdose, Interviews, Lowfish, Scape One, and more.

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Really happy with the Chrono to Tour De France '16 to Tomorrow to Wahawa to Drift Away sequence in the middle. Le Monde could've (should've) been louder, but that's OK.

@cev Le Monde into Traffic was mind blowing

on second listen i notice the imbalance, but so good regardless

@wklew I found that Le Monde into Traffic transition the day before while fooling around, was very unexpected but good. Playing Dave Monolith's work is usually the right call, in my experience.

It's funny, I knew that my copy of Le Monde was quiet and I left myself a note to run it louder than normal. And I did run it louder, but not enough. Ah well, it wasn't too bad. "Practice, practice, practice" like fatal1ty said.

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