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I'm MOVING... to here @alan

it's not that I don't love you all. I think I'm going to setup home over there. I will keep this one alive, but I'm likely to spend more time over there.

I will follow most of you from there. follow me back, if you wish.

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I marathoned all (2 seasons) of "The Good Place" on and it's an amazing show. Very much worth binging. Before the night is out I'll watch the 1st episode of season 3 (on #recommend

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I'm watching Maniac ...only up to EP 3; good and I got to the moment of #MSFW but also funny at the same time. I don't know what to think yet; but probably worth watching as long as you know it's #NSFW or kids safe and screwed up (no pun intended). #netflix

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I just finished the 2nd season of Atypical; and it's still a good show. #verygood

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okay topic starter... who here follows/supports someone on Patreon? if so, (if you're interested in sharing), who? why? #patreonshare

for me I have a few, but the one I'd like to highlight... Orla Gartland ( She creates music 2 original songs a month. Instead of releasing EPs she releases them to her Patreons.

if you have a Patreon page, tell us about it! and why! #patreonplug

let us know, I'd like to hear about the people support!

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still baffled by a large traffic bump for one of my #podcasts. it surged and has retained a lot of the new traffic. the show has slowly grown in listens over time; but this is unusual #IMO ...I just rant for 3 minutes once a week. what's the appeal in that? 😀

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if you're trying to guess at # of cameras on the upcoming Google Pixel 3 will be; I suspect it won't be 5 or 6; generally isn't competitive for the sake of appearance. If there's a tech advantage/improvement (they've made) than there will be more than 2. That's my #guess

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I'm still watching "The First" on and I still recommend it. I suspect I will be done with the 1st season by today.

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Clearly the upswing in Bots and spammers have come to Mastodon. Cause the 'swift is now following me... and a California real estate group on one of my other accounts.

okay podcast finally edited. time for bed.

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okay so what does everyone feel about Telsa vehicles? would you get one if you could?

question for everyone... what's the last game you played and/also gave up on? and why?

me it was staxel. it was very beta when Iast played it. since then I started back on recoding/building an old side project. I haven't missed the game since. programming is more fun for me. I know I'm odd. 😄

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finally caught up (on buying) I was missing. It's harder to purchase music from an artist you like especially when they're cross-polinated w/other artists. Everything now, is stream centric; tough for those who want to show financial support not just accountable #'s.

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I'm now getting DMs of support because people are afraid if they agree publicly they'll be harassed next. That's not a good atmosphere folks.

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For users:

Dogpiling and harassment are off-limits no matter how justified you think you are. The rules are for everyone.

Strongly considering adding screenshot-dunking to the code of conduct as well. We don't need that culture here.

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It's, important to know: I have 2 different colored eyes and wear glasses.

PPL: Wow you have 2 different colored eyes? are those contacts?

ME: Nope.

PPL: Are you sure?

ME: I am. I don't wear contacts.


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Alright, give me an example of something someone said to you that was so astonishingly stupid that you can never forget it. #pleasegoaway

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fun times today. </sarcasm>
this morning l dropped my phone (face down) in the 2 years... maybe this the 3rd time I dropped my phone. this happened on my way out the door. it seemed fine, worked, except wouldn't charge when I got to work.. I took it out of the case and you could see the screen bulged a bit.

I was going to wait until gen 3 of the pixel came out, nope; so I just bought gen 2; I'll just have to fend without a phone until the weekend.


also good night masto! until another day... we shall toot again.

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